Rev. Lurline May Larmond was born Lurline Cousins on October 21, 1931 to Clarice Freeman and Kenneth Cousins. She was born and raised in Hanbury District in the parish of Manchester, Jamaica. She attended New Green Primary School where she excelled in her studies.  When she was 12 years old, she attended a church service led by the late Rev. W. S. Brodie and gave her heart to the Lord. She began attending Battersea United Brethren Church under the leadership of Bishop Brodie. It was here she accepted the call of God on her life to preach the Word. She began studying with Bishop Brodie and was tested by the Bishop from Indiana before becoming a Lay Minister in the United Brethren Church.

     Ms. Cousins (as she was known at the time) became the Nursey School teacher in Hanbury and absolutely loved teaching the little ones. It was during this time that she accepted the courtship and marriage proposal of a handsome young gentleman Oswald Larmond who was from the same district. They married February 22, 1958 and recently celebrated their 60thwedding anniversary. The union of Oswald and Lurline produced 7 children. She absolutely loved being a mother and made it her life’s mission to raise her children in the way of the Lord and to get them the best education possible.  

     During this time Rev. Larmond became an Ordained Minister and in 1976, she became the Pastor of Porus United Brethren Church. She was a pioneer in that she was the first female Pastor in the Jamaica Conference. She totally impacted the community and raised up spiritual sons and daughters to become future Pastors, teachers, and leaders in the community.

     In 1980 on a trip to the United States, Rev. Larmond met Bishop Joel Walters of the Yonkers Church of God and inquired about the immigration process of bringing the family to the United States. In 1983 she accomplished that goal and today her family are citizens because of her determination.

     Migrating to the United States was only one of Rev. Larmond’s dreams. She became one of the founders of the First United Brethren church in 1988 by holding prayer meeting in her living room. She also loved to travel and has been to several countries such as England, Japan, Korea, Canada, Bahamas.

     Rev. Larmond loved people. She sought to make everyone around her better with her encouraging words, warm smile and gifts. Her children remember her collecting clothes, shoes and other items to give to “the less fortunate.” It was a running joke in the household that if you didn’t wear or use something for a period of time, you would come home and it would be gone. When asked Mom would say she “blessed someone who had use for it.” She was also known for her cryptic sayings which she would start and we would finish. “Set your cap…where you can reach it. Chicken merry, hawk deh near! The humblest calf suck the most milk!” She was invested in seeing all her children excel in their education and chosen career field, letting them know they could be anything they wanted to be and to serve the Lord. Anyone could call her at any time and get encouragement or a prayer.

     When Rev. Larmond was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer on October 11, 2018, everyone was devastated. Her family, friends, and loved ones called and rushed to her side. She immediately began preparing them for her passing by giving individual counseling and instructions. “Take care of each other. Live good with each other. Love each other. Put your trust in the Lord. Finish your education. Thank you for everything you have done for me and your father.”

     Rev. Larmond passed away on Monday, October 22, 2018. She leaves behind to carry on her legacy, her loving and devoted husband of 60 and a half years Oswald Sr. Sons: Orrett Sr. and Oswald Jr. Daughters: Julet, Carlene Dawn, Debbie, Paulette, and Jacqueline. Grandchildren: Nicholas, Orrett Jr, Jason, Omar, Jonathan, Justin, Ryan, Dominique and Monique, 4 great-grandchildren, sons-in-law and daughter-in-law, brothers-in-law and sisters-in-law, spiritual children, friends and family.

     Rev. Larmond will always be remembered as a trailblazer who spent her life honoring God and loving people. She believed that young people should serve the Lord and be given the opportunity to get a college education. “Jesus and Education” was her motto.

It is with this purpose in mind that her family, church family, and loved ones have joined together to make her dream a reality by establishing The Rev. Lurline Larmond Scholarship Fund. This scholarship is to be granted on an annual basis to a deserving high school senior to help them with their college expenses.

Rev. Larmond, you are a gift that keeps on giving. THIS IS YOUR LEGACY!