Tribute to Min Lurline Larmond

Given by the Rev. Dr. Linton Thomas

The Seven Legacies of Lurline Larmond

A legacy is an inheritance, a heritage, or an endowment. Today, we celebrate the life and legacies of  Min Lurline Larmond – a Christain matriarch par excellence. Due to the profound nature of her life, in time to come, one of her children or one of her grandchildren might get the inspiration to write a book about the contributions of this great woman of God. I want to submit that one of the chapters of that book could be titled: The 7Legacies of Lurline Larmond.

One, we must celebrate her legacy of prayer. We all know, that like Jeremiah,she was the weeping prophet among us. Sometimes, I didn’t know why she was crying, but she knew. She had a profound sense of empathy. 

Two,we must celebrate her legacy of motherhoodand today, we must bless the generations that have come from her loins. 

Three,we must celebrate her legacy of marriage. I know that you will agree with me that 60 years of marriage calls for a celebration. Her marriage to Deacon Oswald Larmond is one for the history books. 

Fourth, we must celebrate her legacy of Faith and Christain service – from the hills of Jamaica to the hills of the Bronx. She worked assiduously to spread the gospel of Jesus Christ. She is indeed one of the founders of this church – the First Church of the United Brethren in Christ. 

Fifth,we must celebrate her legacy of giving. She was a frequent flier. Anytime she would head for Jamaica, she was like was like mother Theresa of Calcutta – she was carrying money and gifts to the people of Jamaica especially the people of the Jamaica Conference of the United Brethren Church. 

Sixth,we must celebrate her legacy of leadership. Through her instrumentality, several young men including the late Rev. Dr. Owen Gordon and Rev. Orlando Daron were either encouraged or led into pastoral ministry.

Seventh and last,we must celebrate her love for life. She was a frequent flier. Min Larmond loved life, andshe enjoyed going places. Unlike some Christians who have a triangular life from home to work to church, Min. Larmond went to other places, andshe enjoyed life.  Jamaica wasn’t the only place she went for vacation. Deacon Oswald Larmond took her to Europe and Canada and all over the place. One fun memory: Once we went on a church trip to Six Flags in New Jersey. Min Larmond, deacon Larmond, my wife and I were in the same group. We were looking for a ride that was comfortable forall of us. Soon, we saw one that looked like it was not dangerous. We got in, and shortly after that, to the amazement of all of us, it began to go up, and up, and up until were able to see the flora and faunaof New Jersey. When we got to the top, we realized that the name of the roller coaster was the “Rolling Thunder.” As we were plunging back to earth, I heard minister Larmond say, “Lord, receive my spirit.” But the Lord was not ready for her yet. As we walked away from this frightening experience, Min Larmond touched me and said: Pastor, it wasn’t so bad after all. We could try it again.” This experience demonstrates that Min. Larmond had a zest for life. 

Brethren, our beloved sister is resting from her labors. Her soul is resting in peace!