First United Brethren Church

Testimonial from Church

  • Sister Larmond 
  • Minister Larmond
  • Pastor Larmond 
  • Lay Leader Minister Larmond 
  • Reverend Larmond 
  • Mother Larmond 
  • Founder and Financier Larmond 

These are some of the hats or titles our beloved Minister Larmond has worn throughout her ministry in First United Brethren Church.  A powerful, spirit-filled woman of God, who is one of the founders and directed it from its inception in 1988. Minister Larmond has steered this ship alongside each Pastor who has presided over us in the last 30 years. Every pastor inauguration has been graced with her presence. Her support, prayers and leadership has greatly influenced their ministry and their families. Minister Larmond is known to all as a prayer warrior who constantly prayed without ceasing for the church. Many battles have been won through her prayer ministry. Her heart’s desire was for the continued expansion of The First United Brethren Church and for souls to be saved. Sister Larmond was a devoted woman of God that you could call upon to pray at all times. Her faith and dedication to God was unshakeable and it was evident in her life even to the end.  

To us, she was Mother Larmond. highly respected by all, young and old. She was mother to everyone. The women of the church adored her and looked to her for guidance. You often heard her saying “pickney girl come here, you must trust God, pray and hold on. We have to keep the ministry going.” After inspiring us to keep working in God’s ministry she would ask “How’s the family?” with a warm smile on her face.   The men of the church loved and honored her with great respect. Many could be heard saying, “Yes, Sis Larmond.” Never a frown or complain when assisting her. Our young people cherished this woman of God and can quote even today the words of encouragement she gave them. She was not afraid to tell them of their wrong doings but she always gave them the advice to give their hearts to the Lord and He would direct their paths. She never wavered in her faith and even on her hospital bed she was still Mother and Minister Larmond. Mother to her biological and spiritual children and Minister to comfort those who came to visit her. 

 She was courageous, filled with compassion and strength who fought to the end reminding us to live right and trust God. 

We celebrated many milestones with her. Her birthdays, wedding anniversaries, and even most recently paid tribute to her as one of our Founder in our church 30th anniversary.  People traveled from near and far just to see Sis. Larmond one more time. She was a beacon of hope and light as she sat stoically in her wheelchair for those long hours worshiping God.  Basking in the presence of the Lord. You could see the joy of the Lord on her face. Her passion for Christ sustained her through the anniversary celebration. Some danced with her, some lent a helping hand in escorting her and many waited to just to greet her. 

First United Brethren Church is indebted to this noble woman who left behind a legacy for us to live by. She was a loyal and faithful wife.  Her love and respect for her husband, “Ossie” exemplified the true meaning that love conquers all when marriages are grounded in the word of God. Through the Ladies ministry, she encouraged both single and married to let God lead in the right way. Truly she was a Proverbs 31 woman. Her husband, children and us called her “blessed.”

Tonight, First United Brethren Church in Christ celebrates her life.

Paul in 2 Timothy 4:6 says “For I am already being poured out like a drink offering and the time of my departure is near, I have fought a good fight, I have finished the race, I have kept the faith.” This has been her life in First United Brethren Church but it does not end…

Her charge to First United Brethren Church is “Trust God” trust Him to direct us in all areas of this ministry as we continue to build God’s kingdom. 

Her work will never be forgotten while she rests in peace. She will continue to be a part of us. Only absent in the body but present in the spirit. Reverend Minister Lurline Larmond, Mother Larmond will live on forever in our hearts as we continue the journey she started 30 years ago.