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Testimonial from Church Sister Larmond  Minister Larmond Pastor Larmond  Lay Leader Minister Larmond  Reverend Larmond  Mother Larmond  Founder and Financier Larmond  These are some of the hats or titles our beloved Minister Larmond has worn throughout her ministry in First United Brethren Church.  A powerful, spirit-filled woman of God, who is one of the founders and directed it … Read more First United Brethren Church

First United Brethren Church

Rev. Dr. Dalton Jenkins (Son-In-Law) We set aside time to celebrate the life of an extraordinary woman of God, Rev. Lurline Larmond. This giant in the Christian faith has tremendously impacted my life and ministry. Her timely and profound counsel has helped shaped my pastoral ministry. Rev. Larmond has influenced my life from a boy … Read more Honoring the Life of Rev. Lurline Larmond

Honoring the Life of Rev. Lurline Larmond

Given by the Rev. Dr. Linton Thomas The Seven Legacies of Lurline Larmond A legacy is an inheritance, a heritage, or an endowment. Today, we celebrate the life and legacies of  Min Lurline Larmond – a Christain matriarch par excellence. Due to the profound nature of her life, in time to come, one of her children … Read more Tribute to Min Lurline Larmond

Tribute to Min Lurline Larmond

Rev. Dr. Lloyd Spencer

Tribute to Minister Lurline Larmond